YOUTH DEPARTMENT NEWS

On Friday,  September 14, 2018, the Youth Department will be sponsoring a Back-to-School Youth Revival at 7 p.m.   More information will follow. 

On Tuesday, September 18, 2018 we will have our monthly Youth Department Meeting at 7 p.m. All Youth Advisors and members of the Youth Advisory Board are asked to be present.

On Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 1 p.m., the Youth Department will be sponsoring a “Kids Social” for ages 3 - 11.     More information will follow.

Today, Sunday, September 2, 2018, school supplies will be distributed immediately after service.  
                                    TRUSTEE BOARD NEWS

We are asking all members for a sacrificial pledge of $530.00 for our sanctuary renovation, thank you in advance for your support.
    Project Cost: $53,000.00, Pledges Received: $34,378.04
                                     INCOME AND CHURCH SUPPORT                      

The table printed below is intended to aid you in establishing your weekly gift to the church. Tithing of 10% has been the traditional standard of giving in the church. 

                              Weekly Income     10% Tithe
                                      25.00             2.50
                                      50.00             5.00
                                     100.00           10.00
                                     150.00           15.00
                                     200.00           20.00
                                     250.00           25.00
                                     300.00           30.00
                                     400.00           40.00
                                     500.00           50.00
                                     750.00           75.00 
                                   1,000.00         100.00
                                   1,500.00         150.00


On Sunday, September 23, 2018 the Deacon, Deaconesses, and Trustees will be celebrating their Anniversary during morning service.

                                         WOMEN’S MINISTRY NEWS

 We are looking for people to join the Women’s Praise Dance Group. Rehearsals are on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. 

                                             WOMEN’S DAY 2018

There is still time to complete your “ Dimes In A Bottle” and Women’s Day 2018 pledges. Please see any Trustee to complete your pledges.

                                            WOMEN’S DAY 2019


Come let us bless the Lord together with our Fall Fellowship on Friday, September 28, 2018 at 7 p.m.  Let us fellowship together with planning of our Women's Day 2019! and have fun with our silent Auction.  Please remember to bring a wrapped gift and come with your cash or check for our Annual Chinese Auction ($15.00 minimum value). Please see your birthday month for your designated items:

January - Meats, February - Starches, March - Salads, April -Desserts, May - Beverages, June - Meats, July -Vegetables, August -Starches, September -Vegetable, October -Meats, November - Salads, December- Deserts. 

Followed by: our Zumba Fundraiser on  Saturday, September 29, 2018; ages 13 and up from 12- 2 p.m..  Zumba is not only for women, men are welcome too. This will be 2 hours of fun thru exercising and shopping with our venders, healthy refreshments will be served afterwards.  Oh and by the way our own Kimberly Ghorm will be our Zumba Instructor. Tickets are $10; 15 at the door. If you have not purchased a ticket Please see Sisters Sharifa Thomas or Veronica Williams for Tickets. 

On Sunday, November 4,  2018 after service we will have our Spaghetti Dinner.  Tickets are $10.00. Stay and fellowship with us as we enjoy the Lord together. Please see Sisters Sharifa Thomas or Veronica Williams for tickets. 

And our grand finale will be on Saturday,  February 9, 2019,  with our 100 Women In Hats Brunch from 11 a.m- 2 p.m., where you will be judged on the uniqueness, colorful,  and biggest hats.  Come join us as we fellowship together with eating, shopping with our Venders and be ministered to by our own Min. Louise Scott- Rountree. Come out and be blessed and let us have a Hallelujah good time!!!  Please don’t forget to bring a friends.  Tickets are $20.00. Please see Sisters Veronica Williams or Sharifa Thomas for Tickets.   

                                           SCHOLARSHIP NEWS 

Our scholars are off to college!  Let’s keep Niyla Barr, Dazare Fortune, and Jelisa Lovett in our prayers for a successful and safe academic journey.

Sending a huge thank you to the scholarship committee members for their generous donations of school supplies for our students.

The scholarship committee will meet on Monday, September 17, 2018 at 6:30p.m.  All members are asked to be present.                            

                                   CHURCH ANNIVERSARY NEWS

                      CHURCH ANNIVERSARY NEWS

                      GNBC's 15th Annual Walk

Theme “Moving Forward by Faith” For We Walk by Faith Not by Sight” II Cor. 5:7

COLORS: RED & BLACK              


                                            Participant             Miles

                                            Matthew Aaron           3.2

                                           Joanne Walker          11.0

                                           Wanda Robinson         11.0

                                            Frankie Rosa            9.6

                                            Amber Carrington        6.6

                                            Denyzha Hunter          6.6

                                           Jada Graves             6.6

                                            Kayla Graves            6.6

                                            Kyla Thomas             6.6

                                           Alexis Carrington       5.9

                                           Bobby Alexander         5.4

                                          Jayden Larkins          4.4

                                         Quashawn Gordon         4.4

                                          Robert Williams         4.4

                                          Tisa Rountree-Young     4.4

                                          Martis Daniel           3.7

                                          Brian Crawford          2.7

                                           LaToya Alexander        2.7

                                          Veronica Williams       2.7

                                          B. Helena Blackwell     2.5

                                          Bre'lyn Paige           2.2

                                          Carlton Young           2.2

                                          Denise Moses            2.2

                                         Gail Scudder            2.2

                                         Kenny Johnson           2.2

                                         Mary Thomas             2.2

                                         Sharifa Thomas          2.2

                                         Adrienne Cain-Jackson   2.0

                                         Charles Alexander       1.5

                                         George A. Blackwell III 1.5

                                          Renee Graves            1.5

                                          Terrell Robinson        1.5

                                          Geraldine Holmon        1.0

                                          Louise A. Rountree      1.0

                                          Mary Watson             1.0

                                           Emily Hall              0.5

                                           Gary Alexander          0.5

                                           Gussie Shepherd         0.5

                                           Lorretta Seamon         0.5

                                           Louise Scott-Rountree   0.5

                                           Seleta Corbin           0.5

                                           Shavaughn Tiffany Hall  0.5

                                           Mariah Gyamfi           0.5

                                          Total Miles Walked    151.4

                                               Most Donations

                                      $805 Cynthia Alexander

                                   Most Pledges from Sponsors

                                      $700 Wanda Robinson

                                    Most Miles Walked - Lake

                              Adult - 13.2        Dea. Matthew Aaron

                              Senior - 5.4     Bobby Alexander

                             Senior - 1.5 (field)   Rev. George Blackwell

                             Youth - 9.6           Frankie Rosa

Thank you to all who walked, sponsored our walkers, purchased T-shirts, donated or came out to support our Church Anniversary Fundraiser, through the solicitation of the walkers, the generosity of the sponsors, the Alexander family and all who donated. We reached our fundraiser goal and because of your efforts, we are blessed to be a blessing to our very own LaToya Alexander with a donation towards her high school expenses.

A special thanks to Gwendolyn Thomas for blood pressure/pulse checks and providing health tips.  Again, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone and looking forward to you walking with us next year.

On Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 6:30p.m., the GNBC Anniversary Committee invites you to attend the Spiritual Harvest Event of the year, the G.N.B.C Gospel Jazz Café featuring our own world renown J.C. & Co. and world renowned Host Steven Strickland – Tickets are $25.00 – please see Sis. Daphne Solomon for Tickets.  Thanking you in advance for your support.

                                            PRE-ANNUAL REVIVAL

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – (Preacher)Pastor Jerry Williams- Worship Leader – Dr. Albert J. Lewis - Music – provided by the Newark Symphony Hall choral)

Thursday, October 18, 2018, Pastor Ralph M. Branch will be our guest preacher from  the Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church along with the Mt. Calvary music ministry.

Friday, October 19, 2018, Pastor Charlie Bates, Jr.  will be our Guest Preacher from Mt. Ararat Baptist Church – Jamesburg, N.J.

We are asking each member for a sacrificial offering of $20.00 for the Revival.

                                 47th CHURCH ANNIVERSARY

Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 10 a.m.  for our Anniversary proper service, our guest preacher will be Pastor Frances Teabout, Open Door Worship Center, Jersey City, N.J.

The 47th Annual Assessment is $100.00. May God continue to bless our Good Neighbor family and all they do to bless the house.

                                     MUSIC MINISTRY NEWS

For the month of September (only), the Youth Choir will sing on the third Sunday and the GNBC will sing on the fourth Sunday 

                                          SWEET SISTER NEWS

Please remember your Sweet Sister on her birthday.       

                                              USHER BOARD NEWS 

The GNBC Usher Board is sponsoring a trip to Sight's and Sound Theatre to see to see "JESUS". Dinner will be at Miller's Smorgasbord and shopping at the Tanger's Outlet Mall and Farmer's Market in Lancaster PA. on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Bus will be leaving Good Neighbor at 8:00 a.m. There is a $20.00 Non-Refundable Deposit required to hold seats due ASAP. Tickets are $150.00 per person; Children 3-12 are $90.00. Balance due July, 2018. See any Usher for information. 

                                            MUSIC MINISTRY NEWS    
                                             5+5+5 CHALLENGE      

Are you ready? Let’s Go! The Music Ministry is seeking 5 Sopranos, 5 Altos and 5 Tenors ages 18-30 for our new Young Adult Choir.

We are recruiting members for the GNBC Choir.  Please see Sisters  Mary Chestnut or Betty Davis for more information.                                                                

                                      HOSPITALITY NEWS

 WANTED!!!! If you are a Morning person and enjoy Greeting people- then "We Are Looking for YOU”! Come aboard and be apart of the Hospitality Ministry. Please see Deas. Joyce Hines or Deas. Camille Perry.                                       

                                                   SOUND TEAM NEWS 

CD's and tapes of the services are now available. Tapes are $5.00 and CD's are 10.00. Please see any member of the Sound Team to purchase a CD or tape.  

                                             NEW HOPE NEWS

Min. Catherine Frazier would like to thank the entire GNBC Family for their support in the Queen Rally: Special thanks to Rev. Blackwell and First Lady Blackwell. Trustee Mary Thomas for the flyers.  To the kitchen Committee, Job Well Done!!!, Min. Chestnut, Min. Terri Fontaine, Deas. Camille Perry, Sis. Michelle Gold, my Sweet Sister and the Trustee Board. To my Former Co-chair, Veronica Williams, and the Women’s Department, thank You so much for everything.



The Thursday evening Prayer Line phone number is 641-715-3274. The Access Code is 408721#. Time 7 p.m. All members and friends should call in the be a part of the Prayer Line.

Anyone interested in Christ Church Fresh Food For Families, please access the information from their website:


Is your child struggling in Math or Reading? Tanya’s Tutoring Service offers a specialized Reading Program and help support for Math. If you are interested, see Sis. Tanya Barr (1-201-204-8977).

Your monthly Financial Report must be submitted to the Trustee Board by the fifteenth of each month.

If you need to get in touch with the Pastor, had a death in your family, change of address or phone number, desire to have your baby dedicated, or are being baptized, please contact our Church Clerk, Sis. Gloria Robinson. She can be reached at 973-374-8739. 

                                            NEWSLETTER NEWS

The October issue of The GNBC Newsletter (which will be published on Sunday, October 7, 2018) will feature an article for  "Suicide Prevention Month". We also welcome articles from any member of the congregation. 

Sis. Georgie Fells, at home Newark, NJ.............................................
Sis. Doris Flemings-James, at home Hillside, NJ..................................
Bro. Frederick Hatcher, Edison Estates Nursing Home, Edison, NJ............
Sis. Norma McFadden, at home Hillside, NJ........................................
Sis. Mary Pierce, at home, New Brunswick, NJ.....................................
Bro. Elbert Ruffin, at home, Newark, NJ............................................
Sis. Delores Ulmer, Park Crescent Nursing Home, East Orange, NJ.............
Sis. Jeanilla Raymond, at home........................................................
Bro. Vincent Raymond, at home.......................................................
Let's continue to pray for the Sick, the poor and the shut ins..................
          (For more information, see Bulletin Board)

                                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                       TO THE MEMBERS OF GNBC

                    SIS. SHELLEY DAVIS             SEPTEMBER 1
                    SIS. ALIYAH AARON              SEPTEMBER 1
                    DEAS. GINA AARON              SEPTEMBER 3
                    SIS. GERALDINE HOLMAN     SEPTEMBER 5
                    SIS. JANET AUSBY               SEPTEMBER 5
                   SIS. GEORGIE FELLS              SEPTEMBER 15
                   DEA. JOHN LIVINGSTONE      SEPTEMBER 19
                   SIS. JANADA LOVETT            SEPTEMBER 20
                   BRO. AVERY GREENE             SEPTEMBER 20 
                   SIS. SONYA LOVETT              SEPTEMBER 20
                   SIS. LORAINE SHIPP              SEPTEMBER 20
                   SIS. VALERIE THOMPSON      SEPTEMBER 28