GNBC Membership Certificate C1ass- See Reverend Louise Scott-Rountree for date and time.

Sun., May  7- Youth Department Bake Sale-after service
Sat., May 20 - Sewing/Craft Class - 11:30 a.m.
Sun. May 21- Junior and Senior Usher Boards Anniversary- 10 am.
Sun., June 11- Rev. Dr. George A. Blackwell III and Leading Lady Min. B. Helena Blackwell, 28th Pastoral Anniversary-10 am. 
Sat., June 17- Pre Father’s Day Brunch Featuring Community Panel-TBA
Sun., June 25- Scholarship Banquet- TBA
Fri., June 30 - Youth Recognition Pgm - 7 p.m.
Sat., July 8 - Youth Dept. Dorney Pk Trip-8:30 a.m,
Sun., July 9- Deposit due for Sights&Sound 
Sat., Sep. 24- Final Payment due for Sights&Sound
Sat., Nov. 18- Ushers Trip Sounds&Sound- 8am